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Lucyd’s vision is to evolve eyewear with new tech features, and deliver beautiful and affordable glasses that help you remain connected safely while also protecting your vision. 

We also offer 18% off for students, educators and military. Contact to claim. 

If you have a question about the Lucyd Shop, you’re in the right place.    

Frequently Asked Question


Here you can find a wealth of useful material about eye care and health. If you have a question about eye care, you can reach out to our in-house optometrist, Dr. Ira Clement.

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Watch this for a quick intro to general eye care.

  • Eye Health Tips from the NIH. A brief guide to lifestyle choices that can impact eye health. A quick and informative read. 
  • EyeSmart from the AAO. The main hub for new eye care information from the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Includes fresh articles and a handy “Eye Health A-Z” glossary of common eye care issues and terms. Available in Español.   
  • EyeWiki from the AAO. A new encyclopedia of eye health information, written by optical specialists. 


Our lightest and loudest frame yet. Try it risk-free today.

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Here you can find free, downloadable audiobooks. Lucyd eyewear is a great way to listen to audio content, and can provide a more comfortable and discreet listening experience than traditional headphones.

Android users can download directly into their file libraries, while iPhone users will need to port the files into iTunes for syncing, except for books which are available as Podcasts or via streaming.

  • A vast library of public domain audiobooks, including many classics. Many books can be streamed, and have a direct link to Podcast version for iPhone users, as well as ZIP download. Includes user reviews.  
  • A non-profit project of volunteer-made audiobooks. Books in many languages available, including French, German, Italian and Spanish.  
  • Library of public audiobooks and audio courses. More learning-focused content. Includes documentaries, lectures and textbooks “on tape.” 
  • Project Gutenberg. A wealth of content, including many free audiobooks, classical music recordings, and plain text. All public domain. 
  • Newer audiobooks, available through agreements with local libraries. (USA only) 
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Check out our dope extras like cases and Lucyd gear.

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So you got your Lucyd frames, but lacking some jams? We got you. Here you can find some sites with a ton of free tunes. 

  • The holy grail of free music streaming. Site and app, ad-supported. 
  • User-submitted songs, podcasts and playlists. Features new and up & coming artists. 
  • A library of free songs in every genre, for stream and download.  
  • A user-friendly index of Youtube-hosted music videos.  
  • A website and app for custom, user-focused playlists. Ad-supported.  
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7-Days Money Back Guarantee

Please note that all Lucyd eyewear includes a 7-day money-back guarantee and a 90-day manufacturer warranty. Contact our prompt and friendly support staff at if you have any issues.

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In addition to audiobooks and learning materials, there is a large amount of free meditative and motivational audio across the web. Here you can find some useful content for self-improvement that will be a calming, peaceful addition to your Lucyd Lyte experience.

  • A wealth of information about mindfulness, including guided audio meditations for stream and download, and a curated selection of podcasts about health and mental wellness.  
  • Large selection of free, professional meditation and self-improvement audio, from a variety of voices. For stream and download. Includes a number of lectures on wellness.  
  • Free meditation audio for relaxation and yoga.  
  • Well-known meditation guru with a large number of free guided meditations. 
  • Binaural audio tones for a variety of self-improvement purposes. Free to stream and download.  
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Lucyd is always looking to grow into new markets, and bring new individuals and businesses into our ever-expanding community. If you’re passionate about eyewear, and new innovations in the space, teaming up with Lucyd might be right for you! We have programs and products for both Affiliates and brick-and-mortar Resellers. If you have any questions or needs regarding our Affiliate & Reseller programs, feel free to email

Our basic intro package for resellers is an affordable kit that includes two Lucyd Lyte units, a countertop display and a Lucyd shirt. The kit costs just $150 and includes a 30-day risk free return policy. Order it here.